2021 Average Artificial Turf Installation Prices: How Much Does An Artificial Lawn Cost?

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How Much Does an Artificial Lawn Cost?

Synthetic Grass Prices

Artificial lawn, also known as artificial grass, synthetic grass, or turf, is a non-natural grass product. In the event you loved this article and you want to receive more information concerning artificial lawn grass review generously visit the web site. The time period AstroTurf might also be used synonymously with artificial lawn grass grass, though it technically refers to a specific product that was famously first used within the Houston Astrodome in 1965. The earliest variations of turf gained a bad status as a tough, unforgiving, and ugly floor. Subsequent generations of artificial grass, nonetheless, are vastly improved.

Synthetic Grass Considerations

Installing artificial grass is costlier, not less than in initial prices, than laying sod or rising grass from seed. But after a number of years it’s best to break even on value as turf obviates the necessity for typical lawn maintenance corresponding to putting in and sustaining a sprinkler system, mowing, aerating, and watering. Other issues it is best to find out about an artificial lawn previous to purchasing one include:

Artificial grass has each optimistic and detrimental impacts on the atmosphere. At the beginning, it scores large factors for conserving water. The Orange County Municipal Water District estimates that a 2,000 sq. ft. live grass lawn uses 90,000 gallons of water per yr. Over the 15-20 yr common lifetime of an artificial lawn, that is a total water financial savings of roughly 1,500,000 gallons (some drought-stricken states even supply a rebate for artificial lawn installation). Turf additionally eliminates the need to use fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

But the use of petroleum products (polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon) and synthetic rubber crumbs (for infill) in turf have led to issues about toxic off-gassing. Turf, moreover, would not provide all of the natural benefits that grass does (amongst them cooler summer temperatures, oxygen production, and carbon dioxide absorption).

Turf is not totally maintenance free. The surface ought to be swept or raked sometimes to keep fibers upright and vacuumed or blown to take away leaves, branches, and other debris. When you have canines that use the lawn, pick up waste as typical (rinse and sanitize once in a while if desired). The lawns are designed in such a means that urine drains by means of to the underlying soil.


In response to the Association of Synthetic Grass Installers (ASGI), professional set up of an synthetic needs to be accomplished, at a minimum, with these job materials:

– A layer of permeable construction-grade fabric atop the lawn’s pure soil

– 2-four inches of aggregate base (i.e. crushed rock)

– Artificial grass surface

– Seaming provides

– Infill (sometimes silica sand or rubber crumbs)

Read all of ASGI’s recommended turf installation steps right here. View the affiliation’s DIY artificial grass installation video here.

Artificial Lawn Average Costs

– The basic supplies (turf, landscape fabric, base materials, infill) wanted for DIY artificial lawn installation value $4.00 to $14.00 per square foot. Actual prices rely upon the quality of materials and whether or not or not rental tools (corresponding to a sod cutter, rototiller, hand roller, and plate compactor) is used.- A professionally installed artificial lawn starts at $8 to $12 per square foot but can price upwards of $20 per sq. foot installed relying on the quality of the supplies and the problem of the installation.