Device Warns Of Catastrophic Failure In Lithium-ion Batteries, Robots Celebrate

“Catastrophic lithium-ion battery failure” are five words Malfunctioning Eddie by no means desires to listen to, Lipo battery pack and may not should, due to a brand new sensor developed by the parents at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Despite the popularity of lithium-ion batteries in all the pieces from client electronics to hybrid and electric autos, they’ve been related to a phenomenon called “thermal runaway” — known to cause overheating and doubtlessly, fireplace. The newly developed system measures the electrical parameter of the cell, which is an indicator of whether or not the inner layer temperatures are getting too toasty. The very best part? The warning comes before the heat can attain the floor and cause catastrophic failure, maybe saving our electronics from a destiny just like the one in the video after the break.

APL Discovery Gives Advance Warning of Catastrophic Failure in Lithium Ion Batteries

Scientists at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Laurel, Md., have developed an affordable sensor that can warn of impending catastrophic failure in lithium-ion batteries. The sensor is predicated on the researchers’ discovery of an intrinsic relationship between the internal temperature of lithium-ion cells and an simply measured electrical parameter of the cell.

Due to their excessive power density, lithium-ion batteries power tens of millions of consumer digital units and are the most common kind of battery used in hybrid and electric autos. If you cherished this article and you would like to get much more facts about Lipo battery pack (Learn Alot more) kindly go to our web site. They’re also rising in reputation for energy grid, military, and aerospace purposes.

But safety considerations stay a challenge to the trade. LiFePO4 battery malfunction and fires in electric automobiles, cellphones and laptop computer computers have been reported within the media. Such failures usually end result from thermal runaway, a self-perpetuating condition that happens as soon as a cell reaches a critical temperature.

“An abnormally excessive inside cell temperature is a nearly common manifestation of one thing going awry with the cell,” says Rengaswamy Srinivasan, a chemist in APL’s Research and Exploratory Development Department and one of the inventors. “These modifications can happen within seconds, resulting in a probably catastrophic event if corrective measures should not taken instantly. When issues start to go flawed inside the cell, time isn’t on your facet.”

Srinivasan and his colleagues discovered that a really small alternating current, when applied to a lithium-ion battery at specific frequencies, is modified by the cell in a manner that’s directly related to the temperature of the important electrochemical interface between the electrodes and the electrolyte.

“We found that we will measure the temperature of the protecting layers between the electrodes and the electrolyte of the battery throughout regular operation,” Srinivasan says. “These layers are where the situations that result in thermal runaway and catastrophic cell failure start. This discovery permits us to detect potentially unsafe thermal situations before surface-mounted temperature sensors, which are the current state of the art, are capable of register that any change has taken place.”

The sensor operates through a easy electrical connection on the optimistic and detrimental terminals of the cell and might function utilizing power from the battery it is monitoring. With multiplexing circuitry, a single sensor can monitor multiple cells in a battery pack.

“Ultimately, the brand new sensor permits battery management methods to extra closely handle battery efficiency and, extra importantly, detect unsafe thermal conditions on the essential moment once they occur and before the cell vents or sets itself and the battery on hearth,” Srinivasan explains. “By integrating this technology into their merchandise, manufacturers of batteries, battery administration systems, and battery answer providers can improve each the safety and performance of their products.”

APL has utilized for U.S. and worldwide patents for the sensor and is pursuing licensing opportunities.

“At the guts of lithium battery safety shouldn’t be only the event of safer battery chemistries, but in addition the availability of accurate and reliable technologies that measure the actual battery cell temperature,” says Michael Hickman, Lipo battery pack APL’s know-how commercialization supervisor for the sensor. “This expertise gives probably the most accurate and speedy method available for measuring the true temperature of a lithium-ion cell; and, it is the one technique for measuring a cell’s temperature where it counts: contained in the cell the place temperature adjustments originate.”

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