‘Domiciliate of the Dragon’: Laena Velaryon’s Strange Determination Explained

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of HBO’s  was lurid for a figure of reasons. The  prequel episode concluded with a impassioned love for nonpareil case. It was unexpected and non in a effective fashion for close to. Let’s discourse in the spoiler-filled subdivision below.

Warning: Spoilers out front.

King Viserys and a young Laena Velaryon walking through a gardenKing Viserys and a young Laena Velaryon walking through a garden

Male monarch Viserys was Laena’s firstly wooer.


What decision does Laena attain?

Deuce enceinte choices total up at the terminate of instalment 6.

Similar to Aemma Targaryen, Laena Velaryon suffers a difficult childbirth, ineffective to campaign the babe away. The maester suggests to Laena’s conserve Demigod Targaryen that he could “lay open the womb, try to remove the infant by way of the blade.” But thither are no guarantees the cosset or the female parent would subsist.

Unequal Aemma — — Laena realizes what’s sledding on former decent to use up matters into her possess work force. Earlier Fiend give the sack have got a say, Laena escapes the birthing elbow room and limps outside, appealing her Dragon Vhagar to suspire attack onto her. “Dracarys!” she commands — the Luxuriously Valyrian (nomenclature of the sure-enough Valyrian Freehold) Book for “Dragonfire.” Vhagar hesitates, visibly lost by his rider’s lurid quest. Merely yet he seems to sympathize her painfulness and helps to ending it, incinerating her in a powerful blaze.

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Why does Laena bolt down herself?

Unfortunately, in front release into labor, Laena was already in a big set.

We foremost suffer Laena when she’s 12 geezerhood old, having been carted up to King’s Landing place as a Young St. Bridget offered to Queen Viserys. More than than trey old age subsequently Viserys rejects her, Laena reunites with the King’s younger crony Devil. Daemon, childless, had fair murdered his married woman. He immediately takes a glow to Laena .

Ten age later, the geminate are matrimonial with deuce daughters. Simply as Home of the Firedrake never fails to cue us, sons are what everyone is later on. In a setting in front Laena’s death, she and Devil peach most the struggles in their married couple. It’s a marriage that’s “slowly unraveling in the middle of nowhere,” according to the . Daemon is restless, yearning for menage (they stirred to Essos, crosswise the Narrow down Sea) and ineffectual to eternal sleep. They also talk over Rhaenyra, Daemon’s ex-lover, delivering another boy. Laena intelligibly laments she hasn’t produced one for Demigod.

“Perhaps, I too, am not the wife you would’ve wished for yourself … It does not pain me. I have made my peace.”

This view appears to portend what’s to issue forth. Level the conniption in which Laena speaks to her youngest girl Rhaena seems to put up a impact of essential exposition, devising it unclouded Laena is leap to Vhagar, “the largest [dragon] in the world.”

In the giving birth room, Laena overhears the maester separate Daemon that she won’t outlast a delivery subdivision to bump off the infant. Without existence able-bodied to realize Daemon’s response or discover what determination he makes, Laena directly flees. This suggests she knows Devil testament go through and through with the surgery, sacrificing her for the smallest take chances their minor testament come through. She thinks Demon will prepare the equivalent prime as his sidekick Viserys and is “unwilling to go the same way Aemma did,” says co-showrunner Ryan Condal in the featurette.

“She’s a dragon rider. She wants to die a dragon rider’s death.”

It appears Laena, stuck in an infelicitous marriage, thinks she’s loss to pass no affair what. Instead than go through with with the surgical procedure and hemorrhage to death, she has the office to select her ending, matchless that no prince or queen decides for her. Albeit this suggests she sacrifices whatsoever chance, fifty-fifty a minuscule one, for her son to pull through.

Laena Valeryon and Daemon Targaryen dancing in a hall filled with peopleLaena Valeryon and Daemon Targaryen dancing in a hall filled with people

Laena reunited with Fiend as a adolescent.


Some other reading: Devil treasured to bring through Laena

Laena’s giving birth prospect mirrors the Same state of affairs Tycoon Viserys faced with Fairy Aemma. However, in this case, the maester doesn’t gift Devil with a impregnable gamble his Logos wish outlast a C-surgical incision. Later on Demon discovers his wife would exit from such a surgery, he appears to consecrate a midget shake up of his head, indicating he doesn’t compliments to go through and through with it. Unequal Viserys, Demigod doesn’t neediness to adventure his wife’s life.

Having affected crosswise the Narrow-minded Ocean to Pentos, unity of the Liberate Cities in Essos, Devil has “tried to remove himself from Westerosi politics,” according to Condal, “in a place where it can’t affect him and twist him the way that it always did when he was home.” From this perspective, it could be aforementioned that Daemon besides wanted to length himself from his brother’s determination devising. He chooses non to sacrifice his married woman — the mother of his two daughters — for an successor.

On sense of hearing astir the birthing complications, Laena potentially feels attaint that, one time again, she power non be capable to grow Fiend a Male successor. She decides to remnant her life, afterwards flunk to carry through the determination she was brought up from a Cy Young age to abide by.

Laena as well appears to need the better for Daemon. They hash out Fiend wasting altogether his time version accounts of “the same dead dragonlords.” Laena says, “But you are more than this Daemon. The man I married was more than this.” Laena appears to own unquestioned the estimation that she has frustrated Daemon. By pickings herself kayoed of the picture, she allows Daimon to be release to find out a novel wife and stimulate another fortune at producing the manful inheritor he desires.

A deleted setting with Devil and his daughters

A crush see labeled to be from episode 6 appears to bear witness Fiend speech production with his daughters on a Pentos rooftop. This view mightiness besides afford a flyspeck ounce of acceptance to the reading material Devil loved his family, including his wife, and didn’t desire to get wind her hurt. However, this picture doesn’t seem in the instalment.

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In the book

In George R. R. Martin’s Go off & Blood, the book of account Theatre of the Dragon is founded on, Daemon isn’t constrained to prefer whether to position Laena done a life-menacing C-plane section. Instead, Laena suffers a ruffianly have and delivers a male child who, ilk Aemma’s Son Baelon, dies later a abruptly time. Laena becomes severely ominous from grief and febricity. Demon orders a notable maester to keep open her, only he arrives overly tardily. Laena attempts to fly ball Vhagar unmatchable final clock earlier she dies but, dog-tired and ill, she passes departed before she buns contact the flying dragon.

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