New Developments On Mine Planning And Grade Control At Sishen Iron Ore Mine

Sishen Iron Ore Mine is situated 280 km north-west of Kimberley in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. The mine produces and sells prime quality iron ore of varied specs to numerous nationwide and international shoppers. The saleable product is derived from the mixing and beneficiation of differing kinds and qualities of hematite iron ore. This paper documents the brand new developments which had been carried out (or are within the technique of being applied) on the mine in the lengthy-term planning, medium-term planning, grade control and materials tracking within the beneficiation plant with particular consideration being paid to the standard of the ultimate, mechanical steel saleable product. The process begins with the long-time period planning where the pit shell and pit optimization is set by Whittle 4X. New developments include the introduction of a linear programming primarily based scheduling system to enhance the lengthy-term schedule generated by Whittle 4X. The LP route was selected in an effort to take under consideration all of the constraining components of the final product that couldn’t be configured in Whittle. To complement this the XPAC Auto Scheduler scheduling package was introduced to do the medium-time period mine scheduling. This 18- month rolling plan contains cost parameters to enable the planner to extract a detailed operational price range from the scheduling while guaranteeing that production requirements are maintained and grade constraints are met. The existing grade management system was enhanced with GPS capabilities and a pc system to do material monitoring. The high precision GPS system introduced on the shovels allows for the correct management of the loading procedures at the mining face. Due to the difficult geology and grade composition of blasting blocks it’s imperative to accurately differentiate between different materials in the identical blasting block and having the ability to excavate that with the loading equipment.pipe, smokiana, hashish, brass, drugs, metal | Pikist If you adored this write-up and you would such as to obtain additional information regarding mechanical Steel kindly browse through the web-site. The GPS system on the trucks permits for correct location monitoring of dumping in order to maintain monitor of particular material sorts. The state-of-the-art materials monitoring system developed for Sishen will allow the grade management officer to maintain monitor and record various parameters of the material from its in situ place within the blasting blocks, via the crusher and onto different stockpiles, in various phases of the beneficiation process and onto the mixing beds, into the dispatching trains and ultimately into the ships for international distribution. These developments elevate the Sishen planning and grade control techniques to a brand new degree of service excellence from which management can obtain correct and timely info on product standing. It also enables Sishen to maximise useful resource utilization while nonetheless complying with the powerful market constraints.